Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship totals

        Battiest     Buffalo Valley     Clayton      Smithville      Talihina

2014                                                                     $500           $500             $500

2015                                                                     $5,500        $500             $2,100

2016                                                                     $5,000        $500             $2,400

2017                          $1,000       $1,000              $1,000        $1,000          $1,000

2018                          $1,000       $1,500              $3,300        $1,700          $1,000

2019                          $1,000       $1,000              $4,825        $1,600          $1,000

                                  _______     _______             _______      _______        _______

Totals:                        $3,000       $3,500             $20,125      $5,800          $8,000

YTD: $40,425  given to 71 High School Seniors


The scholarship program was founded in 2014 by Tom Hefner. Every year the Honobia Bigfoot Organization gives away a minimum of $500 to schools in the area surrounding Honobia. These scholarships are given to deserving students chosen by their school. These scholarships are funded through donations, individual school fundraisers, partnerships with both the Mason's and Chahta, as well as our largest fund raiser, Honobia's annual Bigfoot Festival and Conference.

Clayton Students Head to College with Bigfoot’s Help


By Teresa Black Bradway


                When Clayton graduates go off to college, some will go with help from Bigfoot.

           Bobbie Kirkland and Sadie Garrison were the winners of the Bigfoot Scholarships at Clayton High School this year.  Each received $500.

            The scholarship will help Sadie Garrison study to be a physical therapist at Carl Albert State College in Poteau.

          “It means a lot,” she said, “because it lifts some of the load off of me and my parents.”  Ms. Garrison, one of four children, has been waitressing in Clayton for a year and a half to earn money for college.  Both her parents work.

           As to Bigfoot, she says, “I’ve been to the festival.  It was really neat.”  She begins classes in mid-August.    

        The Bigfoot Scholarships are raised from funds and donations collected by the Honobia Bigfoot Organization.

           “This year the Chahta Foundation partnered with us which enabled us to give more scholarships to further the education of area graduates,” said Stephen Kinsey, Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship chairperson.

      “Since 2014, Honobia Bigfoot Organization has given 49 scholarships to our local graduates,” Kinsey said.  “We have expanded into four counties this year with the inclusion of Battiest and Buffalo Valley High Schools along with Clayton, Smithville and Talihina schools that we’ve been supporting since 2014.”

          The Bigfoot Festival and Conference is set Oct. 6 and 7 at Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission (Christ 40 acres) at Highway 144 and Indian Highway, Honobia, Ok.

         Other graduates who received scholarships are MacKenzie Green and Domnick Shedd, Talihina; Lexie Burcham and Elijah Brown, Smithville; Holly Young and Nakia Leal, Battiest, and Nick Knowles and Garrett Pinley, Buffalo Valley.      

           Festival information is at honobiabigfoot.com. The Honobia Bigfoot Organization is a non-profit group dedicated to bringing scholarships to deserving students in towns in the Honobia area.   

         The Bigfoot gathering celebrates everything Bigfoot, both for the fun and folklore of Bigfoot, and for serious Bigfoot scholars.  The festival is mostly free, except for special events such as a children’s area.  This year, helicopter rides have been added to festival activities.  

           There will again be a 5K Run, campfire stories, camping, and vendors selling food, crafts and Bigfoot mementos.

          The conference features Bigfoot authors and researchers who offer evidence such as sightings, audios, footprint impressions and videos of the mysterious creature




Photo:  Sadie Garrison, left, and Bobbie Kirkland receive Bigfoot Scholarships presented by Steve Kinsey of the Honobia Bigfoot Organization.  

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