Bigfoot Encounters Stories


The moon has finally risen high enough in the sky that it can be seen from camp above the ridge in the Kiamichi Mountains. The air is cool and crisp, suddenly the crickets stop their chirping and for a moment everything is calm. Heavy footfalls approach the camp from the darkness but stop short of the light flickering off the trees from the campfire. On the opposite side of camp a powerful wood on wood knock brings everyone in the camp to their feet. These campers may never realize what happened around their camp that night, but each year Bigfoot field researchers and enthusiasts visit the Kiamichi Mountains in hopes of having just such an encounter. Bigfoot encounters have been reported in every U.S. state except Hawaii, every province of Canada, Mexico, Central/South America and even many other parts of the world. The powerful wood on wood knocks are referred to as "tree knocks" and rock on wood, rock on rock knocks and taps are also sometimes noticed in Bigfoot research areas. Suspected Bigfoot vocalizations range from whispers and short whistles to thunderous roars. Oklahoma is among the states considered to have many reported Bigfoot encounters with Le Flore County holding the designation of Oklahoma's Bigfoot "hot spot". It is estimated that only one in ten Bigfoot encounters ever gets reported for fear of the ridicule that often follows such an incident. One place where such ridicule is checked at the gate is the Annual Honobia  Bigfoot Festival & Conference. Each evening at the North edge of the campgrounds the Conference hosts a Bigfoot Encounters Storytelling, gathering around a crackling campfire. Any and all Bigfoot sighting witnesses, both young and old, are encouraged and applauded for sharing their Bigfoot experience. We hope you will join us this year, always on the first weekend of October, at the KIAMICHI MOUNTAIN CHRISTIAN MISSION CAMPGROUNDS here in Honobia, Oklahoma. Thank you and we'll see you there!!! 


~ The Honobia Bigfoot Orgaization

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