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About Us

The Honobia Bigfoot Organization is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing scholarships to deserving students in towns surrounding the Honobia area. We used to raise money for these scholaships through donations and our annual festival/conference.  In the past we have provided scholarships to Smithville, Battiest, Clayton, Talihina, Buffalo Valley and Whitesboro as well as Community outreach to the tune of over $74,000.00!  Now that The Director of the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission has determined that we can no longer hold our Festival on his property these programs will cease to exist.


Every year we used to hold a festival and conference in Honobia, Oklahoma that celebrates everything Bigfoot. It was completely filled with events and local talent. Some of the events at the Festival were live entertainment, food vendors, craft vendors, Bigfoot story telling, games for children, and much more.


Honobia is located in a beautiful part of Southeast Oklahoma. We are in the heart of the Kiamichi Mountains which is known for its beautiful forests and crystal clear steams. Many of the people that live in this area have deep ancestral roots to the Choctaw Nation, and those traditions are still alive today.

Honobia, Oklahoma - Important Information


Bigfoot loves Honobia and the surrounding area because of its remoteness, so please come prepared! There are no ATM's, no gas stations (closest one is 18 miles away), no wifi & most cell phones won't have service!


The annual Bigfoot Festival and Conference used to take place the first Friday and Saturday of October in Honobia, Oklahoma. 

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