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The 2023 Conference Speakers
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Brian Hulan is from Oklahoma City, Ok and has been investigating Bigfoot since 2016. He is one of the founding members of the group Southern Bigfoot Alliance. He also co-hosts a podcast with his research partner Shane Church called the Cryptoholics Show. In 2018 Brian spent 62 nights in remote SE Oklahoma where he was eventually rewarded with his face to face sighting. His approach to sharing evidence and locations may seem unorthodox but has paid dividends in what he believes real investigative research is. 
Lance Hightower.jpg

Lance Hightower / 52 yoa.

Residence:  Tulsa, OK.

Occupation: Chiropractic Physician / 22 yrs.

Avid outdoorsman since childhood - grew up in sand hills of deep SE OK.

BF Encounter at 10 yrs of age.

Brother, Layne, close encounter chased by a BF in 1993 in Western OK.

2015 - 2018 Multiple BF vocalizations and encounters in McCurtain Co./ Ok.

Jan.2017 Created YT Channel:  Dogman Sasquatch Oklahoma Encounters

          *Established team: Cryptid Brothers Investigations of Oklahoma

           *Team: Lance, Layne, & Bill Hightower with Dave Fritts & Mike Boutwell.

           *Top 3 Creature Interview YT Shows w/ 24,000+ subbers w/in 1 year.

           *Became top YT Oklahoma Creature Interview Shows in 2018 & 2019

2018 & 2019 Team interviewed by Ping Pong Productions: Finding Bigfoot Series

2019 Filmed Alaska Mystery TV show for Travel Channel: Airing Feb. 2020.

2020 will be releasing Cryptid Brothers Film Productions TV series.

2020 will be releasing 2 new books for eyewitnesses / non-fiction.

Shane Church

Shane Church - Sasquatch investigator for seven years, Co-Founder of Southern Bigfoot Alliance, & The Cryptoholics Show. 
David Wilbanks is a lifelong resident of Southeast Oklahoma. He has had
an interest in the Bigfoot mystery since he was a young child. Since the mid-
1990’s he has been documenting and investigating sighting reports of this
elusive cryptid.
David is an avid outdoorsman who has spent countless hours hiking and
camping in the forests and mountains of Oklahoma. In the late 1990’s into
the mid-2000’s he had a website called ‘’ through
which he collected Bigfoot sightings from Oklahoma and surrounding
states. In 2001 he was featured on The Travel Channel documentary
‘Bigfootville’ which delved into a rash of Bigfoot sightings reported in
Oklahoma. In 2018 he created the YouTube channel ‘Bigfoot and More’ in
which he shares his thoughts on Bigfoot and other intriguing mysteries of
the outdoors.
David is the author of the book "Kiamichi Bigfoot: Investigating the Oklahoma Sasquatch", in which he documents his work on this subject. He is also author of the book "The Shampe: terror has a Name," a fictional story based on a monster from Native American Folklore.
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